On Belief

Why your understanding of objective reality is holding you back.

Belief is often looked at as fictional. Like it's second to reality. Objective reality comes first.

It is common to hear, "You may believe that, but reality is different"

I disagree with this and am living proof against it.

Thinking reality is fixed and not malleable is detriment to your own success.

Belief creates reality

There are tribes in Africa that don't use two separate words for colors like Blue and Green. For them, they're the same color, they can't tell the obvious difference. Why?

Because they do not believe so. Ever since they were kids they're taught blue and green are the same color, so they see them as the same.

Their belief created their reality.

If you believe in ghosts, the window flapping means there's something supernatural. Now you're terrified of sleeping at night.

If you don't, it means it's just the wind. You shrug it off.

Whether or not ghosts are actually real does not matter. Do you see how your belief moulds reality in your favor?

There have been countless examples of warriors throughout history that refused to die despite having limbs chopped off and their body pierced by arrows. They literally denied death and continued fighting in great display of valor.

Speak to any world-champion athlete and they'll tell you they believed they were the greatest of all time before they actually were. If you think you are something, you become that thing.

"Delusion is only delusion when you don't accomplish the goals that make your delusions a reality. Enforce a mindset that allows those delusions to be the reality of your existence." - Mike Tyson

Your factual understanding of reality (whatever that is) stops you from reaching your potential. My delusion helps me become wildly successful. The choice is clear.

Useful beliefs are better than real beliefs.


Refuse to believe in anything that takes power away from you. Only keep beliefs that give power to you. Don't forget to back them up with action. This is how you become powerful.

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